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We've all been there.  Having your ride ruined by a flat or other mechanical issue is as awful as it is avoidable.  So rather than creating our own tools and such we compiled the best gear out there into our favorite "everyday carry" kit to save your next ride.  Just add the right size tube and go!


Granite-Design Rock Band - MSRP $9

It's a super lightweight carrier strap that you can attach to the frame, seat post, or saddle rails.  It features an inner hook and loop for secure attachment with an additional grip surface to keep everything secure and free from rattling.  It weighs just 33g and can easily go from the bike to a jersey pocket.

Our kit is also available without the band if you intend to pack everything into a saddle bag.  Please don't do that if you have a dropper post!


Bar Fly Air Lever - MSRP $20

This is probably our favorite thing ever.  It combines a strong tire lever with a CO2 inflator with an extra lever attached.  It weighs just 40 grams and is Presta and Schrader compatible.  It works with threaded cartridges only.


CO2 Cartridges - MSRP $4 each

We include two 20g threaded CO2 cartridges.  You'll likely only need one but it's good to have a spare in the case of a misfire or having to help out a less-prepared riding companion.


Birzman Feextube - MSRP $5

A patch kit for puncture repairs that features a stainless scuffer with comfortable grip and PP panel for storing chain rivet and masterlinks.



Optional Pedro's RX Micro-20 Multitool - MSRP $46

Many riders already have a multi-tool but you may not have one as nice as this.  We left it "optional" but you should totally get one with this kit.
  • Backed by Pedro's Lifetime Warranty and Rust-Free Guarantee™
  • Hex Wrenches: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm
  • T25 and T30 torx and Flat Blade screwdriver
  • 1-12 speed Chain Tool with integrated: 7 & 8mm Flare Box Wrenches, 3.23, 3.3, & 3.45 Spoke Wrenches, Shimano® Crank Cap Tool, and Presta Valve Core Tool
  • 160 grams

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