Hold Fast ΔP Tubeless Sealant

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Hold Fast ΔP Tubeless Sealant was created after I sliced a tire during a race. I couldn't believe that a small 1/4" cut wouldn't seal. So after months of testing, and intentionally slicing way too many tires, we came up with the ΔP Sealant. ΔP is short for differential pressure, and that's exactly how sealant works. The differential pressure draws the sealant fluid and hole plugging particles to the hole in your tire. The hope is that those particles plug the hole before the ΔP gets too low and stops sending particles. The issues with many other sealants are that the particles are too small or there aren't enough. Our ΔP Sealant uses different materials in various sizes that are light enough to get carried by the differential pressure regardless of sealant fluid levels.

We offer two variations of the sealant: Road and MTB. Our MTB formula has 4 different particles to help seal larger cuts and gashes. Our Road formula removes the largest two particles so the sealant can be injected through the valve stem.

Not only does the MTB ΔP seal 1/2" cuts, but it also keeps those gashes closed for the remaining life of the tire. The MTB ΔP Sealant can not be injected through the valve stem. It must be poured directly into the tire.

The Road formula has been shown to seal 1/4" cuts and can withstand high pressures associated with road tires.

Suggested Volume: 50ml (1.7oz) per 1" of tire width.

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