Hold Fast Tubeless Sealant Xfer'r

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Hold Fast is Maple's tubeless line. Offering everything from valves and tape, to sealant and tools.

The Hold Fast Tubeless Sealant Xfer'r is the ultimate sealant tool. The Xfer'r (pronounced transfer-er) can be used to add or transfer sealant from tires. To add sealant, we recommend using it as a funnel rather than a syringe. Simply screw the hose onto any presta valve with the core removed and pour in the desired amount. If the sealant will not flow, that means your valve is clogged and needs to be cleaned. Regardless of what brand of sealant you use, if it does not flow easily into your tire, you need to clean your valves. To transfer old sealant, this is where you want to use it as a syringe. Pop one bead off your rim, and suck up the remaining sealant. Swap tires, then add the sealant to your new tires using the instructions above. We suggest using 50ml of sealant per 1" of tire width. So for a 2.25" tire, use around 112ml (3.8oz)


The Xfer'r only works with Presta valves. 

Not Compatible with our MTB Sealant. Our MTB Sealant seals 1/2" cuts and the particles are too big and do not pass through the valve on a regular basis. 

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