Front Conversion Caps

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For a detailed explanation on converting hubs and what can and cannot be done, check out our Hub Compatibility page. When ordering caps for DT Swiss 350 15mm, we include an extra set of the retainer rings needed. Retainer rings are not needed on DT 240s or DT 350 Plug Style. Quick Release Conversions
  • 350 Hubs: 3801S
  • 240 Center Lock Hubs: 2328S
  • 240 Oversize Hubs: 2479S
  12mm Conversions
  • 350 Center Lock Road Hubs: 6885S
  • 240 Center Lock Road Hubs: 7000S
  15mm Conversions
  • 350 Hubs: MAPLE KIT
  • 240 Center Lock Hubs: 4468S
  • 240 Oversize Hubs: 2477S or 2470S (both work)
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