Kogel Bearing Upgrade

Kogel Bearing Upgrade

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We're full custom so it makes sense that we should provide ceramic wheel bearing upgrades.  Who better than Kogel?  Nobody.

We can install Kogel ceramic wheel bearings as part of a new wheel purchase or as an upgrade later on if you ship us your Maple wheels.  You'll pay return shipping both ways.

Kogel Bearing Upgrades are available as "Hubshells Only" which is four bearings for $199, or "Full Upgrade" which includes the freehub body with six total bearings for $259.  We do not sell Kogel bearings separately.

Straight from Kogel:

Wheel bearings are among the fastest rotating parts on a bicycle. They are also under constant load and there are six of them, which means twelve seals. For all these reasons it is worth upgrading from the stock bearings that came in your wheel set.

The Kogel Bearing Advantage

Kogel ceramic bearing balls are smoother and rounder than any steel bearing because of its material properties. Silicon Nitride can be polished much smoother than steel. Also, it does not compress as much as steel, leaving the contact points with the bearing races very small and not squashed like a tennis ball under load. Compressing any material under load and trying to roll it will cause unnecessary drag.

With 2 bearings in the front, 2 in the rear and 2 in the freehub, it is worth considering what you want from your seals. The Kogel Bearings road seals are built to create the lowest friction we can get out of a sealed bearing. The cross seals are built to have the best protection against the elements. Pick whichever best suits your riding style.

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