Maple Double Wheel Box
Maple Double Wheel Box
Maple Double Wheel Box
Maple Double Wheel Box
Maple Double Wheel Box
Maple Double Wheel Box

Maple Double Wheel Box

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If you've ever purchased custom wheels from us you have been underwhelmed when the box(es) arrived.  Like, "Dude-I-hope-my-wheels-aren't-in-there-underwhelmed."

So we fixed that and custom designed our own double wheel box that fits just about any wheel set.  Your wheels will fit with rotors, cassette, and even tires installed.  The stacking tray slots adapt to the tire/rim width as they're packed so that they hold firmly.  There's even room for a small accessory box (which we include) to hold your skewers, thru axles, sealant bottle, gel packets, etc.  We're not judging you.

Sounds big right?  It kinda is to be able to have this versatility.  And while cardboard is biodegradable it is still important to re-use it or recycle it.  This box will literally last as long as you need it too, but if you only need it to get your wheels from us the one time then we can (upon request) send you a return shipping label and we'll re-use it.

Popular uses include but are not limited to:

  • Shipping our wheels to you
  • Shipping your wheels to us
  • Shipping the wheels you just sold so that you can buy Maples
  • Shipping Maples you just sold so that you can buy more Maples
  • Traveling with your wheels
  • Moving
  • Cat Storage/Temporary Feline Housing

30" x 12" x 30"  -  Easily cut down to 26" x 12" x 26" when tires are not mounted

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Why Ride Maple?

We are New England

New England is home to some of the harshest terrain and changing conditions. If wheels can survive here they can live anywhere. We ride road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain. Our professional wheel builders came from bike shops, the back bone of the cycling community. Ride Maple is New England.

From the Founders

These wheels are amazing because they work, are affordable, and you can have any damn decal color you want to match your bike.

Captain Pete

You know what goes great with awesome wheels? Great clothes! Maybe hats and socks too I dunno. I'm wicked excited.

Maple Mike

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