Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag
Maple Top Tube Bag

Maple Top Tube Bag

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Stash your snacks, money, tools, etc where you can reach them!  Our new top tube bag is perfect for carrying your small items conveniently just behind your stem.  You can strap it to your top tube or bolt it on if your bike has those nifty top tube bolts.

  • Water Resistant (not 100% waterproof) and Durable
  • Easy to mount and remove so that you don't need one for every bike
  • Please buy one for every bike still, we have cool colors
  • 17cm x 9cm x 9cm
  • Internal Mesh Pocket to retain small items
  • Velcro for top tube mounting on any bike.  Cut it to fit or cut it off if your bike has mounting bolts (hardware not included)

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    Why Ride Maple?

    We are New England

    New England is home to some of the harshest terrain and changing conditions. If wheels can survive here they can live anywhere. We ride road, gravel, cyclocross, and mountain. Our professional wheel builders came from bike shops, the back bone of the cycling community. Ride Maple is New England.

    From the Founders

    These wheels are amazing because they work, are affordable, and you can have any damn decal color you want to match your bike.

    Captain Pete

    You know what goes great with awesome wheels? Great clothes! Maybe hats and socks too I dunno. I'm wicked excited.

    Maple Mike

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