About Us

Ride Maple

Hand Built Wheels – Boston, Massachusetts

One night in a bar south of Boston, two industry insiders combined their knowledge and expertise to create Maple.  They wanted to provide the best possible wheels while allowing the customer the opportunity to customize everything.  Both already had over 50 years of combined experience with product development and manufacturing and launched with the XCX as the first wheel.

The XCX was Maple’s game changer.  In a world before Boost (TM?), the XCX was a wheel that could be run all summer for XC and then all fall for CX (get it XCX?). Back then it was considered wide at 22mm internal and was instantly a fan favorite.  To this day the very first XCX pulled from the mold is still being used by Pete, our founder.

Fast forward to when Pete and Mike went to a bar one night.  A new website, new rim widths, and everything to go great with great wheels was born.

Being small allows us to adapt faster to what Is demanded and needed by riders. Over the years Maple has refined and reworked the lineup to meet those demands.  One thing that we've realized is that we're frequently ahead of the pack just by offering what we want to ride ourselves. 

Want to match the colors to your bike?  Yup we’ll do that, for free. Need it set up for tubeless… seriously, who doesn’t do that?  At Maple custom comes standard and we're happily customizing wheels every day.