• ARX - 24mm Wide

    Our lightest drop bar wheelset for all road, cyclocross, and gravel racing

    - 24mm internal width

    - 255g rim weight

    - 24 hole

  • CXG - 25mm Wide

    Our most versatile 700c wheelset for gravel and cyclocross

    - 25mm internal width

    - 360g rim weight

    - 28 hole

  • RCX - 35mm Deep

    Our most versatile road, cyclocross, and gravel wheelset

    - 35mm depth

    - 420g rim weight

    - 24 hole

  • RCT - 50mm Deep

    Our deepest and most aero wheelset for road, cyclocross, and triathlon

    - 50mm depth

    - 460g rim weight

    - 24 hole

  • G650 - 27mm Wide

    Wide and 650b for gravel adventures and older mountain bikes

    - 27mm internal width

    - 385g rim weight

    - Tires up to 2.6"

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Collection: Road/Cyclocross/Gravel Wheels

Ride Maple CXG

Our most popular gravel and cyclocross wheelset is the CXG.

Versatile, strong, light, and in just the right 25mm internal width for adventures.

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Wheelset Specs


Rim Weight (ea) 255g 360g 420g 460g 385g 290g 360g 440g 425g 470g 455g
i9 1/1 Set Weight 1180g 1442g 1520g 1600g 1492g 1292g 1432g 1592g 1562g 1652g 1622g
DT 350 Set Weight 1163g 1425g 1503g 1583g 1490g 1300g 1440g 1600g 1570g 1660g 1630g
i9 Torch/Hydra Set Weight 1098g 1360g 1438g 1518g 1474g 1284g 1424g 1584g 1554g 1644g 1614g
DT 240 Set Weight 1094g 1356g 1434g 1514g 1402g 1212g 1352g 1512g 1482g 1572g 1542g
DT 180 Set Weight 1036g 1298g 1376g 1456g 1356g 1166g 1306g 1352g 1322g 1412g 1382g
Diameter 700c 700c 700c 700c 650b 29 29 29 27.5 29 27.5
Spoke Count 24h 28h 24h 24h 28h 28h 28h 28h 28h 28h 28h
ERD 589mm 595mm 569mm 541mm 554mm 595mm 595mm 590mm 550mm 586mm 548mm
Offset 2mm 2mm 0mm 0mm 2mm 3mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm 2mm
Internal Width 24mm 25mm 21mm 21mm 27mm 29mm 25mm 30mm 30mm 35mm 35mm
Depth 25mm 22mm 35mm 50mm 23mm 23mm 22mm 24mm 24mm 26mm 26mm
Tire Size 25-50c 25-50c 25-50c 25-50c 2.0-2.4" 2.2-2.6" 2.0-2.4" 2.2-2.6" 2.2-2.6" 2.4-3.0" 2.4-3.0"
Rider Weight Limit 195lbs 250lbs 275lbs 275lbs 280lbs 220lbs 250lbs 295lbs 295lbs 295lbs 295lbs


Wheelset weights are approximate and may differ due to variances in manufacturing, brake style choice, nipple choice, lacing options, etc.