• CXG - 25mm Wide

    Our lightest 700c wheelset for gravel and cyclocross

    - 25mm internal width

    - 360g rim weight

    - 28 hole

  • RCX - 35mm Deep

    Our most versatile road, cyclocross, and gravel wheelset

    - 35mm depth

    - 420g rim weight

    - 24 hole

  • RCT - 50mm Deep

    Our deepest and most aero wheelset for road, cyclocross, and triathlon

    - 50mm depth

    - 460g rim weight

    - 24 hole

  • G650 - 27mm Wide

    Wide and 650b for gravel adventures and older mountain bikes

    - 27mm internal width

    - 385g rim weight

    - Tires up to 2.6"

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Collection: Road/Cyclocross/Gravel Wheels

Ride Maple CXG

Our most popular gravel and cyclocross wheelset is the CXG.

Versatile, strong, light, and in just the right 25mm internal width for adventures.

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