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Tubeless Tape

Tubeless Tape

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The truth about tubeless tape is that it’s not really anything proprietary or special.  It’s not even really designed for bikes.  No matter how much marketing BS (and cost) the other bike companies add to their tape, it’s just tape.  The only issue is that you need to buy it in massive bulk to get it at reasonable prices.  So hear it is at realistic pricing.

This is hands down the best tape we've ever used, and the second is the Muc-Off tape.  It works on everything… carbon, alloy, wide, narrow, road and mountain.  It just works all the time.

If you need help figuring out what size you need please use the guide below.  Please figure out what your rim internal width is.  This can be found with a quick Google search.  Internal width and whether it’s “hooked” or “hookless” will help you determine what width you need.

20mm tape is best for:

  • Hookless – 21mm internal and under width rims
  • Hooked – 20mm and under internal width rims

25mm tape is best for:

  • Hookless – 22mm-27mm internal width rims
  • Hooked – 21-26mm internal width rims

30mm tape is best for:

  • Hookless – 28mm-32mm internal width rims
  • Hooked – 27mm-31mm internal width rims

35mm tape is best for:

  • Hookless – 33mm-38mm internal width rims
  • Hooked – 32mm-37mm internal width rims
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